Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Annoying Coworkers

I hate to complain... Well, I rather enjoy it. But I know it gets annoying. Especially when we complain about the same person over and over. In the world of cubicles, it's hard not to become excruciatingly annoyed with coworkers that are really too close for comfort.

I've been at my current job for two years. I figured I'd stay here while completing my MBA and then I would move on. It's not a bad job. I really like my bosses and the majority of my coworkers. But there's always someone. I used to have this girl sit next to me who farted all the time. I have nothing against gas per se, but my cube smelled like a sewer. Luckily she was totally inept and didn't make it past her second probationary period.

Now we've got CT, who I've mentioned in the past. You already have heard of her appallingly tight clothes, but I may have neglected to mention that it looks like she's wearing a suit from the 70's. Plaid and polyester. And excruciatingly tight. So tight her flesh bulges over the tops of the pants. It really can't be comfortable.

I would feel sorry for her, but she is the nosiest thing who has ever lived. I've never met anyone so obnoxious about it in my life. The people who surround her in our area despise her. One co-worker hates her so much, she's thinking about quitting. This girl has been here for a while and is completely incapable of doing her job at all. So, when she can't do her job, she stops and plays Sudoku (or however you spell it) all day long or until someone will come do her job for her.

My coworker (a good one) went to this girls manager expressing concern about her inability to do her work correctly. The manager (who is an idiot--and luckily, she's not my manager) expressed thanks for the information and promptly gave the stupid nosy girl additional responsibilities including substantially more difficult work. What kind of manager does that?? Wouldn't you want to make sure someone could do the easier jobs before graduating to the tough stuff?? Even worse, it means that I'm going to have to deal with her--other than have her overtly listen to my conversations and then make comments on them.

Personally, I think that manager should be strung up. I'm consistently amazed at how people get into positions of authority when they are poor decision makers. And the manager is generally incapable of doing much of her own work and delegates most of it off her desk.

I confess I will be complaining a lot in the next few weeks. If you hate it, I apologize. But it makes me feel a bit better.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Twin Peaks and the Flu

Hey, when it rains it pours. When I think of something to write about, I have to do it, otherwise it just doesn't get done.

About eight or nine years ago I decided to watch the Twin Peaks TV show. I hadn't watched it while it was on TV because I was in an anti-TV phase of my life. I can't remember what I did in that time. There are a few years I don't remember. Actually, I can't remember most of my life. I think that's a product of nurture, not nature. Although it could be nature too. I don't really know very much about my birthmother other than that she gave me away to strangers. Boy, I hope she's got a sense of humor--because if I ever meet her... I may inadvertently piss her off. Oops.

I was reading Nikki's blog and feeling sorry for her being sick and all--especially in the summer. Being sick and feverish in the summer is the worst! Yuck. Now, back to Twin Peaks. So, I've borrowed the entire series from a friend. And I'm sick--which probably explains why I'm watching the whole series in a couple of days. Each night I'm consumed by dreams. "Agent Cooper, you have to save Audrey." But then I had a... you know a dirty dream. There are so many attractive male actors on this series. Kiefer (don't tell Atilla's husband) Sutherland, Chris Issak, Kyle MacLachlan... But who did I dream about?? David Lynch. And I've had a crush on him ever since. A really big crush.

Until I saw a recent interview with him. I think it was a documentary about Jack Nance. Dave's teeth were black. It was disgusting. Black. Urgh. My crush is over and all those lynchian gifts the ball and chain gave me (only because he knows I'll never even meet Dave)have gone to waste. Well, I still like the BlueBob album.

A week and a day

Atilla the Mom may be returning to school, but I only have a week and a day until I'm completely done! Unless I decide to get my PhD. I probably won't. Or, as we say in my neck of the woods--I prolly won't.

As soon as I'm done with school, I'll be able to devote my life to much more important things. For instance, is Severus Snape totally evil or just mildly evil? I think he's only mildly evil. My co-worker (who is currently whipping paper clips at me) and I argue about it every morning. Every morning I convince him and every night he unconvinces himself.

I admit that Snape is a jerk. He's a rotten excuse for a human being and an amazingly cruel teacher. I had a teacher like that once. But I did learn a lot from him. I've always believed he was in serious denial about his sexuality. Can that make a person bitter? This guy used to pull students aside to tell them how much he HATED them. I can't imagine it was a big surprise to him when he had a brick tossed through his window. It's funny that he's just the kind of person I would enjoy in real life.

Back to Snape. Sometimes when I kiss my ball and chain on the forehead and he's all sweaty and gross, I say, "Ooh, you're all Snapey." And I think Alan Rickman--30 years ago--would have been a good Snape. However, the movies leave out his more appealing qualities--greasy hair and all that.

I love that character. He's the most interesting character in the Potter series. I know Voldemort is going to die. I'm pretty confident that loads of people are going to snuff it--including Snape. But I really need to know... Who is Snape working for?? I have less than a year to wait. And that's too bloody long.

This is why I think Snape is not completely bad. I think he had to kill Dumbledore. He made the unbreakable vow with Narcissa Malfoy to either make sure Draco could do the job or he'd do it for him. Personally, I believe Dumbledore knew about it. Dumbledore's not too concerned about dying anyway. And in his mind, Snape should save Draco from committing that horrible act. So, Snape killed Dumbledore to 1.) save Draco and 2.) save himself (cause you die if you break the unbreakable vow.

Will Harry snuff it at the end? I think I'd have to re-read Joseph Campbell's theory of the hero to answer that question. I still think Hermione is too smart for Ron.

Of course, I really posted this for Nikki--who is horribly ill with a summer cold. In fact, my next post will be about Twin Peaks and the flu.