Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The American Dollar

I confess I pay attention to the value of the American dollar. I can't imagine why. I guess it's because I remember the days when the Canadian dollar was worth about three cents of the American dollar--not like today--it's 89 cents! Can you believe that??? Oh, the horrors. Maybe the majority of you aren't affected by these major issues, but I live on a border town. We go to Canada for dinner on a regular basis. I love saying that. I stop into Canada for dinner. Ha.

Of course, now that the dollar is toast, it's a lot more expensive to go to Toronto for the weekend. Paying $175 a night really costs $175 a night--or it's pretty darn close. I would tell you that I'm glad the Canadian economy is doing better, but I don't think it's that much better--I think it's our economy is doing worse.

I know you want to know the real issue. Am I angry that I can't shop on the super-cheap up in Canada (or even over in Canada)? Sure. Yeah, I'm mad. But more than that, I'm really unhappy about comparing the dollar to the British pound. You see, I'm going to London in two weeks and I can't help but wonder how much we're going to spend. Don't you think the British pound should be devalued because Tony Blair likes George Bush so much?? I do. At least for the week we're there. I fully apologize to the English (and the Welsh), who are my ancestral people, for being so utterly cheap and selfish.

That being said, if anyone knows of any good, cheap places to go in London. Please let me know.