Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hating the Hellidays

Ok. I admit it. I really don't like holidays. They're always a let down. The wife makes me put up a fake tree because his mother gave it to us (and he hates finding needles all over the house).

The last time we bought a tree, well... I can only blame myself. I let him go alone. He brought the tree home. Most of the needles fell off before he even carried it in. What the devil?? Didn't he check??? Sheesh! Never again!

But I'm getting a tree this year. At least our house will smell like pine. It'll be fine. Really it will.

But I do dislike the holidays. This year, I lied to my whole family about Thanksgiving. We didn't really have friends over. I just wanted to spend the day at home. And I made the best turkey ever. It was amazing.

How do I get out of Christmas?? I know. I can't. But maybe we can just go early in the day and then be free in the evening. That wouldn't be too bad, right?? I mean, after that whole wedding disaster--it'll be years before I can happily spend time with my family without the bitterness welling up, right?? I know that people are going to give me pictures. It's not like I can say, "gee, thanks. It's too bad that I can't even think of that day without gagging."

I like getting gifts for people. But I hate getting arbitrary gifts. I had the best birthday this year because the wife and I decided not to get gifts for each other. Maybe that can be a permanent thing going forward? If I really want something, I'll buy it myself.

Finally--and I know this ties into absolutely NOTHING--I'm applying for a job. The rumor mill as of a week ago is--I was the most qualified person to apply for the position. After all of the internal postings (I'm an external). This would be a government job utilizing my love of Accounting, academia and the arts. So... If any of you readers out there are praying folk... Well, pray for Miss Keeks--who is more than ready for a new job!!

Well, Happy Hellidays (or holidays) to all of you out there. I feel another blog coming on... The scents of Xmas.


Blogger Pendullum said...

Praying foryou on the job front Miss keeks...
and maybe if you are lucky your family my come down with some virus that would make visiting over the holidays next to impossible...
Is Christmas not the season of believing in miracles???

2:01 PM  
Blogger elizabeth said...

Ok I may be dense here, but you call your husband your wife? I'm missing something, but maybe it's because I've never been married.

Anyhow, can you go out of town for xmess?

9:01 PM  
Blogger Miss Keeks said...

gThanks for the job hope! We're still waiting. This place is notoriously slow. I was thinking of "getting a virus" of my own.

Hi Elizabeth, you're not dense. He's a he, but he's still the wife. And I am a she. I believe we established on our first date that I was from Mars and he was from Venus. Except I'm still a better cook than him.
I would go out of town for Xmas. But my mother would guilt me. I'm extremely susceptible to the guilt factor from my mother.

11:11 AM  
Blogger Marie Jarrell said...

I found a comment from you on my blog and was surprised! Love your blog name. I've it here and there in adopt-o-blogland. I must admit, reading your Nov. 29 post (first visit) I thought you were a gay guy. Um, I'm just so narrow, aren't I? Anyway, I totally concur with your dread of the holidays and wish they'd just disappear because much of the goings-on are so FAKE. I could write an entire post on this. Anyway, just wanted to drop on in for a visit. Glad I did.

1:26 PM  
Blogger Miss Keeks said...

Thanks Marie! I'm flattered that you thought I was a gay man. For some reason "Miss Keeks" sounds so dainty. And I'm really not.

I like your blog too!

12:23 PM  

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